Known Limitations archive - internal only

This page lists all known limitations and includes end-of-support notices. This is an all-inclusive list, meaning all limitations on this page affect the latest shipping version of IntuiFace. Fixes are not backwards compatible, meaning you should always install the latest possible version of our software.

v4.8.0 "Apollo" Newly Introduced Limitations

  • Upgrading IntuiFace Player Versions 4.6.x and 4.7.x on a Windows PC using Management Console takes a long time if .NET Framework Version 4.5.1 is not yet installed on the target PCs. There is currently no feedback. It may take more than 15 minutes, depending on how long it takes to download and install the .NET Framework.
  • Deleting unneeded custom project styles is not yet possible.

v4.7.0 "Gemini" Newly Introduced Limitations

  • When using FTP storage for publishing and deploying experiences
    • There is no ability to test the FTP configuration in Management Console as can be done for the cloud-hosted storage options.
    • Experiences are not deleted from the FTP server when deleting an XP from Management Console.
  • Anamorphic video for any codec other than wmv may be not rendered with the correct size if used as a background video.
  • Scroll gestures starting on the focused item of the Helix collection will not work if the focus item has an associated tap or double-tap trigger

v4.3.0 Newly Introduced Limitations

  • Some fonts cannot be set to bold or italic even if they exist on the OS. Example : Bodoni MT black cannot be set to italic.
  • Cousin assets (ie items inside two brother collections) can be grouped together.

v4.2.0 Newly Introduced Limitations

  • When opening an asset from inside a collection, its opacity value is not retained. The opacity is always reset to 1.00.

v4.1.0 Newly Introduced Limitations

  • Only one instance of Player can be run on a computer for the IntuiFace Management Console to deploy and monitor successfully.

v4.0.0 End of Support

  • Microsoft Surface 1: No longer supported

v4.0.0 Newly Introduced Limitations

The following restrictions apply to binding in IntuiFace Version 4.0:

  • It is not possible to bind from / to :
    • space background properties (color, source of image, video ...)
    • style properties of all assets (i.e. "book", "horizontal", or "vertical" for a Document asset's Style property)
    • container properties of all assets (i.e. "static", "pin", or "default" for assets in each layer)
    • timer triggers (thus it is not possible to pass the timer's duration into an Interface asset.)
    • gesture trigger parameters (e.g. "grab", "east", "west", etc.)
    • general and navigation actions (e.g. "go to space", "flip screen", etc.)
  • Bindings are broken if you copy / paste bound assets from one IntuiFace Composer to another. However, starting with Version 4.2, only bindings to non-copied assets are lost.
  • When a binding is deleted, the latest bound property value is retained by Composer.

The following restrictions apply to Interface Assets (IA) in IntuiFace Version 4.0:

  • IAs are not cleaned up inside the project directory on your file system despite their deletion from within Composer. They remain under ../'ProjectName'_Files/InterfaceAssets.
  • No default error management is available
  • No contextual menu appears in the Composer for IAs

The following applies to the Simple Text and Rich Text assets.

  • Binding to text configuration properties like Font, Font Size and Font Color requires use of the Simple Text asset. For the Rich Text asset, only the HTML Text property is available for binding.

Preexisting limitations

  • Close all action for collections only affects items opened from the top level of a collection. Opened items from nested collections are not affected.
  • A GDI leak has been discovered in the 3rd party Web browser component we use for our Web Browser asset. Websites with an auto-update mechanism accelerate the leak. Until this problem is addressed, we recommend 1) avoidance of websites that auto-update and 2) restarting all apps that include the Web Browser asset at least once a day. [fixed in 4.6.0]
  • The addition and deletion of content in the Content Library is not undone if the experience is closed without saving
  • When undoing and then redoing deletion of a collection, content in the now deleted collection is still listed as used in the Content Library
  • “Open item” action for the Asset Flow, Asset Grid and Flip chart is only effective if the specified item is visible
  • Download links do not work in the Web Browser asset (e.g. attached document links in Gmail)
  • It is not possible to define a working directory for the "Launch external app" action
  • "Save as…" for a large project (> 1 gigabyte) takes a long time. Composer may appear to be frozen but it does eventually succeed
  • In Player, transparencies in the Flash asset display with a white background while loading [fixed in 4.0.5]
  • The size of asset controls are too large for very small assets
  • The Asset Flow collection can only be displayed horizontally
  • A folder-based collection cannot contain more than one folder nor any asset/collection in addition to the one folder
  • Videos thumbnails may be all black if the appropriate video codec is not installed on the PC running Composer/Player
  • The current index of a child collection is reset to 1 when the collection is scrolled out of view within its parent collection
  • Dynamic alignment guides only apply to assets and collections in the same layer.
  • Copy / paste of a space (or sequence) between 2 Composers does not copy actions referencing other spaces. Only actions “inside” the space(s) are fully preserved.
  • When assets/collections/controls are copy/pasted, triggers and actions targeting an Interface Asset are not retained in the copy.
  • The "Open URL" action requires the entered URL to be preceded by http:// or https://
  • Rich text:
    • Subscript / superscript does not automatically reduce character sizes.
    • Bullet and numbering format options are limited to what is possible in HTML (e.g.: two bullets at the same level in the same list cannot have different colors/sizes).
    • There is no line height property in the Properties panel. However, line height can be modified directly in the underlying HTML code.
    • If the Set Text action passes raw text, the formatting of that Rich Text asset is not preserved. Pass HTML-based text to ensure proper formatting. Also binding toward a Rich Text should provide HTML
  • Deleting a Deep Zoom resource in the Content Library does not effectively remove the underlying files in the project folder. You need to remove the Deep Zoom files manually.
  • On Windows8:
    • It is not possible to install Player or Composer via Internet Explorer when using a touchscreen, due to security limits. Use the mouse.
    • The button for Intuiface (Player/Composer) on the Windows 8 start page is not in the Windows 8 Modern UI style.
  • An active Internet connection is required prior to starting Composer and Player in order to properly display the Bing Maps asset with an up-to-date Bing Maps developer license. If your Internet connection is not active, you need to restart Composer and/or Player after establishing a connection.
  • Changing and then undoing the screen resolution of an experience will not restore the previous positions set for assets and collections.
  • When using MP4 videos in an experience, all Video asset instances may remain black when used in the Player. wmv videos are not affected by this issue [fixed in 4.7.0]