Flash Animation Asset

    Use the Flash Animation asset to play Adobe Flash animations.


    • The Flash Animation asset is only supported Windows devices
    • The Flash Animation asset only supports a single touch-point. Multi-touch interactions are not supported.

    Installation prerequisite for using Adobe Flash in your IntuiFace experiences

    If you want to use Flash animation in your projects, you must download and install the Adobe Flash Player on every machine running Composer and Player. Two versions of this Flash Player are available and your selection depends upon your container selection for the Flash Animation asset

    Container selection for the Flash Animation asset

    The Flash Animation asset can be assigned one of two containers.

    1. Default   It's based upon the CefSharp Web rendering engine. This is the style selected by default when adding the Flash Animation asset into your experience. First introduced in IntuiFace Version 5.3, this engine is based on a very recent version of Chromium, the heart of the Google Chrome browser.
    2. Legacy   It's based upon the Awesomium Web rendering engine. This engine uses a fairly old version of Chromium.

    Always start with the "Default" container option. It is more stable and has better performance than the "Legacy" option. On only very rare occasions would the "Legacy" option be better than "Default".

    Downloading and installing the appropriate Flash player from Adobe

    1. Go the following webpage: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/
    2. Select the row for your Windows operating system in Step 1.
    3. Select the appropriate Flash player in Step 2
      • Using "Default" container: Choose FP xx for Opera and Chromium - PPAPI
      • Using "Legacy" container: Choose FP xx for Firefox - NPAPI
        xx = Any version. The version number does not matter. If more than one version is listed, use the latest.
    4. Download and run the installer.
    5. Restart IntuiFace Player or Composer if they were running during Flash Player installation.


    1. It is not sufficient to have already installed the Flash Player in Web browsers on each computer. The above steps must still be followed.
    2. The Container property must be set to Static or Pin if the Flash animation incorporates user interaction capability.
    3. Since Flash Player 23 released by Adobe, external resources - such as an xml file - located next to your swf file are not supported anymore due to security reasons. If your swf file uses such resources, you have to host your files on a web server and access them using the Web Browser asset.
    4. The Flash Animation asset does not support keyboard input.

    Embedding Flash animation inside other Flash animation

    Whenever Flash animation is added to an IntuiFace experience, a temporary webpage is created in the folder C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Temp. If this Flash media is intended to open other Flash media, the additional Flash media must be put into this Temp folder.


    • AppData is a Windows hidden windows directory, To find it, copy and paste the path mentioned above, replacing “[UserName]” with the user name of the account under which Composer was installed on your Windows PC.
    • Keep in mind that if you are copying your experience to multiple PCs, the Flash media located in the Temp folder must be manually copied to the Temp folder on all other PCs. (The webpage itself will be automatically created by Composer/Player on each PC.)

    Alternatively, you could embed all of your Flash media on a webpage and open that page using Composer's Web Browser asset. Be aware that even if loaded in the Web Browser asset, your Flash animation will still be limited to a single touch-point.

    Properties, Triggers & Actions


    See our list of common properties for details about properties shared by all asset types.


    • Use custom render size   replace the default flash animation width and height with your own settings
    • Content Width specify a width for your Flash media
    • Content Height specify a height for your Flash media
    • Allow transparency   if selected, and the Flash media contains transparent regions (i.e. an alpha channel), those regions will be displayed as transparent. If this property is deselected, transparent regions will be rendered in white.



    • Autoplay   Automatically starts Flash animation once the current space is loaded
    • Play loop   Automatically restarts Flash animation when its end is reached



    See Triggers Overview and Actions Overview to get details of common triggers and actions shared by all assets

    Flash specific triggers:

    • Is paused: Raised when the Flash media has been paused.
    • Is reloaded: Raised when the Flash media is reloaded.
    • Is stopped: Raised when the Flash media is stopped.
    • Starts to play: Raised when the Flash media begins to play.

    The screenshot below illustrates the set of triggers and actions specific to the Flash asset (click to zoom)


    See Actions Overview to get details of common actions shared by all assets

    Flash specific actions:

    • Pause: Pause the Flash media.
    • Play: Play the Flash media.
    • Reload: Reload the Flash media
    • Stop: Stop the Flash media.
    • Change Flash animation: Replace current content with new content located at a specified URI.

    The screenshot below illustrates the set of actions specific to the Flash asset (click to zoom)