Which Windows-based touch displays does IntuiFace support?

All of them. Well, ok, 99.9% of them.

For displays connected to Windows 7, 8 and 10 PCs, what is most important to note is whether the display uses either the Windows HMI or TUIO protocol to communicate touch events. Such a significant majority of touch displays support one or both protocols that our usual answer is we're display agnostic and can work with anything. Certainly, if it says"Windows Plug-and-Play" or "Windows 7/8/10 Compliant", it will work with IntuiFace.

Put differently, if you shut your eyes and throw a dart into a room full of random displays, it is going to hit a display supported by IntuiFace

Here's an incomplete list of supported touch display providers on which IntuiFace has been used

  • 3M
  • Displax
  • Elo
  • FlatFrog
  • MultiTaction
  • Planar
  • PQLabs
  • Samsung SSP
  • Sharp

Some recommendations if you are planning to buy a new touch device: