IntuiLab's Transparent Business Model

IntuiLab's priority is delivery of the greatest possible software - using the latest technology - for the no-coding creation of interactive experiences. R&D is far and away our largest investment. As a result, it is crucial for IntuiLab's success that we go public with as much information about our business and our software as possible to streamline the sales process.

In the service of complete transparency, here is a list of actions we've taken and content we've produced to put you - our user - in control:

  • Free, time unlimited use of IntuiFace
    IntuiFace Composer Free never expires and enables users to take advantage of every design feature available in Composer; IntuiFace Player can also be used for free on all supported platforms. Everything Composer can do, you can use for free. No credit card information is collected and no sales calls are a prerequisite. Just register with us, download and run the installer on your PC - no DVD, no USB dongle - and you'll be using Composer in seconds. How do we stay in business? Well, there are some limitations on playback.
  • Tons of learning material
    IntuiLab has invested a great amount of time in the production of self-education material. 200+ articles in our online library, a vibrant user community, live and recorded webinars, a step-by-step tutorial, prebuilt samples free to download and reuse, videos galore of experiences built by our customers, and multiple how-to videos. Everything is free to use. They don't even require a login!
  • Honest Pricing
    Not only is our pricing page laid out online for all to see but those prices are really what you'll pay. No hidden fees, no professional service add-ons. Plug in your license counts and you'll know exactly what the cost will be.
  • Easy to purchase
    With credit card in hand you'll have your license key in seconds. No need to speak with a sales rep or deliver a purchase order. Of course, if you need a formal quote and invoice let us know. Plus wire transfers are accepted.
  • Easy to get a refund
    Should you decide to return a license - we can't imagine why - you can initiate and complete the refund process entirely on your own. Of course, there are limitations concerning timing and use but it's nothing you haven't seen elsewhere.
  • Fantastic support
    We love our Support team and we think you will as well. They're the epitome of responsive - your submission to our Discussion Forums will never wait more than two business days, depending on your account level - and very smart. They go above and beyond, not just answering questions but identifying new/different approaches where applicable. IntuiFace is so powerful that you may not know what you don't know - but they do. Oh, and it's all free! Even Free users can work with our Support team.
  • Unlimited license sharing
    Want to provide a customer or colleague with one of your own licenses? Maybe you want a client to run IntuiFace but don't want them to have to buy licenses of their own. Not a problem. If you have a Premier or Enterprise-level account, you can freely transfer licenses into other IntuiFace accounts. And you can retrieve them as well so don't worry about losing anything.
  • White label option
    Are we your secret sauce? Use our white label Player options so your audience only sees your brand marks, not ours. We put our ego aside so we can have a good relationship with you.
  • Fast track to success
    Want some hands-on assistance? We offer a bootstrap service in which we both help you realize your design ideas and give you 1:1 training so you can understand everything we've done. It's our teach-you-to-fish service.

Anything else you'd like us to do? Let us know!