Off-the-Shelf Interface Assets

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    The following list identifies each interface asset built by IntuiLab and shipped with IntuiFace. Click the associated link for more information.

    Any IntuiFace user can create his/her own Interface Asset, using either directly a REST API, a .NET DLL written in C# or VB or some JavaScript code (JS).
    We specify below which technology was used for each IA.

    Here is a video illustrating how to incorporate and use any of these interface assets in your experiences:

    Platforms supported

    All REST or JS IAs are cross-platform - i.e. work with Player for Windows, iPad, Android, ChromeOS, LG WebOS and Samsung SSP unless specified otherwise.

    All .NET IAs are only Windows compliant.

    Source code

    You can reuse / modify / copy the "source code" of REST or JS to create your own version of an IA. You will find the source files among Composer installation folder. E.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\IntuiLab\IntuiFace5\Composer\Resources\Interface Assets

    To see how to quickly reuse a sample you found in one of our sample experiences, check this article.

    List of Off-the-Shelf Interface Assets



    Device Information


    Google Geocoding

    Internet of Things

    QR Code

    Share assets

    Social Media



    Value Operators