Activate Player for Tablets (iPad/Android) and Player for Kiosks (Android)

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    License activation is.the process used to associate Player with a paid license. The activation mechanism has been designed to account for very large scale and highly variable deployments.

    This article discusses license activation on the iPad, consumer Android tablets and custom Android devices.

    For information about

    • activating Player for Kiosks on the Samsung SSP, see this article
    • activating Player for Kiosks on Chrome devices, see this article
    • activating Player for Kiosks on LG webOS devices, see this article
    • activating subscription licenses on Windows, see this article


    • There is no account-specific installer for Player for Kiosks on Android or Player for Tablets. Simply install Player via the Apple App Store or Google Play and then follow the directions below.
    • Be sure to log into Player for Kiosks and Player for Tablets using the same IntuiFace account used with Composer and/or Management Console. Mismatched IntuiFace accounts will prevent Player from accessing experiences.
    • The clock for subscription licenses - the time during which you have entitled use of Player - begins at the moment of purchase. Because the entitlement clock starts at purchase, you may want to time purchasing with an active need.
    • Each subscription and subscription renewal – once payment has been collected - requires Internet-mediated activation (phone activation is not available) no more than five days after the beginning of a new period. After that five day grace period, in the absence of Internet-mediated activation, Player will cease to work. To activate these licenses, you must establish an Internet connection on each tablet. If you plan to use subscription-based licenses in an environment without Internet access, make sure those licenses will not expire while offline.

    Activating Player for Kiosks on Android and Player for Tablets

    For automatic license selection

    Log into Player using the IntuiFace account credentials supplied by the creator of the experiences you wish to run. The act of logging in automatically assigns a license key to that particular iPad or Android tablet.

    For manual license selection

    Enter a license key into the "Email Address" field, leave the "Password" field blank and click the "Login" button. The specified license will be retrieved and activated. Each license key is associated with a specific IntuiFace account and it is to the experiences of this account that Player will have direct access.


    • When logging in, Player for Kiosks on Android and Player for Tablets are assigned the first available license in the oldest available subscription pack of Player licenses for that platform.
    • When a license pack expires, all licenses in this pack are released automatically. iPads and Android tablets with released licenses will attempt to request a new license the next time Player is run.