Player for Tablet and Player for Kiosk - Release Notes

This page includes all IntuiFace Player for Tablets and IntuiFace Player for Kiosk - Android release notes starting with Version 4.3.5.

All known Limitations can be found here.

Release notes for IntuiFace Composer and Player for Windows can be found here.

Current version is v.5.7.4, released 7-February-2017.



  • Performance enhancements: scrolling in collections is now more fluid
  • Minor bugs fixes [HTML sandbox now works on chromeOS]



  • Navigating from and back to a scene containing a playing video file no longer breaks playback
  • Unpinned 3D assets can now be properly re-sized
  • Other minor bug fixes



  • Minor bug fixes



  • Replaced "Error Code 0" with a more actionable message. The cause of Error Code 0 is typically the inability of a tablet to access the Internet. Thought of changing the error name to "Can you hear me now?" but reconsidered.
  • Fill property is now respected when the Show action is used. We teach every aspect of our software to show respect.
  • Drawing mode no longer permits underlying assets and collections to see and react to touchpoints.
  • Vertical alignment of Text Input asset is now properly handled. That's right, it vertically aligns.
  • Asset Grid collection with two columns used in conjunction with a Data Feed now properly handles the Last index reached trigger.
  • Correction of 4 bugs affecting the Excel interface asset.
  • 6 additional minor bugs fixed.




  • Scroll Collection: Place assets and collections on a large canvas visible through a window. Move the canvas in any direction with swipe or mouse gestures, revealing different parts of the canvas within the window. It's the microwave of IntuiFace: you didn't know how much you needed it until you tried it.
  • Toggle Button sets: Enhancement of the Toggle Button control, automatically permitting one and only one Toggle Button within a set of buttons to be checked. Yes, show-off, it's like a radio button.
  • Google Analytics Connector: Automatically load data points collected by the data tracking feature of IntuiFace into any one or more of your Google Analytics properties.


  • minor bugs fixed


  • Dropbox will not be available as a cloud storage option for new IntuiFace accounts or new storage needs. Those already using Dropbox for experience storage should prepare for discontinued support in June-2017. IntuiLab will continue to support IntuiFace Cloud Storage, FTP/FTPS and Amazon AWS/S3.
  • Player for Tablets on the iPad has ended support for iOS 8 or earlier. iPad users must be running no less than iOS 9.
  • Player for Kiosks has ended support for Samsung SMART Signage Platform 3 (aka SSSP3)



  • Excel files updated in an experience are now correctly stored
  • Minor bug fixes



  • Corrects incorrect placement of a background video in the foreground on iOS10 (iPad only)
  • "call URL" action works now. It even allows to launch android or iOS application.
  • Addresses other minor bugs




  • Animated GIF support: Show your favorite animated GIFs in IntuiFace
  • "Fill behavior" property: Permits greater control over how images, videos, webcams and image buttons are displayed within their container. Options include fit, fill and deform.
  • Enhancements to Excel support
    • Date format in Excel is supported
    • Updating a cell or a row now automatically refreshes the display in a running experience
  • iPad: Improved manipulation performance for Asset Grid collections linked to a data source via interface assets
  • Player enables license key entry as alternative to login with username/password
  • Dramatic performance enhancement in some edge cases when reloading a scene
  • Web Browser asset is now supported on Chrome


  • Excel file is no longer corrupted when some styles are applied to cells
  • Excel formulas are now recomputed when a scene is reloaded
  • Drawing tools:
    • Close button now adopts the drawing tool style
    • Drawing tools are now available on images opened from a collection
    • "Erase all” button now works
  • File size recorded by the "Share via email" interface asset is now correct
  • Web Browser asset
    • “URL changed” trigger no longer fires when a scene is reloaded
    • "Change home page” and “Reload page” actions work properly
  • 4 additional minor bugs corrected


  • No support for transparent Player or transparent videos (these options are only available on Windows)





  • Improved reliability of row and filtering actions for the Excel interface asset
  • ChromeOS – The correct Number Generator interface asset is called when more than one is available in an experience
    • SUM Excel formula now works
  • Samsung SSP
    • Keyboard used for Player login is more responsive. We figured logging in was sort of important.
  • Other minor bug fixes




  • JavaScript-based Interface Assets work again on Chrome OS
  • Images accessed via the Excel Interface Asset are no longer blurry
  • Text assets inside scrollable collections are correctly rendered
  • Image buttons are correctly rendered




  • The Hide and Show actions as they can apply the opposite effect to all other items in the same layer or same Group/Pinboard collection
  • Use the new Move to front and Send to back actions to change the visual stacking of items on screen. Call it 'z order' to impress your friends.
  • (For Android and Chrome OS) Webcam asset permits camera selection if more than one is available.
  • Disable the next and previous swipe gestures of the Flip Chart collection.


  • Improved text rendering in Text assets and Buttons when using line wrap, justify, & margins (in Buttons) and when text contains multiple consecutive space characters.
  • Binding for output of the Linear Converter interface asset works again. Congrats to those who noticed!
  • 15+ additional minor bug fixes.




  • Multiple video runs (of 30 or more) will no longer cause Player to freeze the video on iPad or crash the Player on android




  • Works again on the iPad Pro
  • Several text rendering improvements for Text asset, Input Text control and Buttons
  • For maximized Document assets, controls can be hidden and text is no longer blurred
  • Assets in a Map collection are now correctly displayed when sourced from a filtered Excel spreadsheet
  • Hidden YouTube asset will no longer autoplay
  • 3D models remain interactive even after navigation away from and back to their scene




  • Put that keyboard to use! Trigger all IntuiFace actions using any key or key combination. Particularly useful for environments where not all users will be able to reach your mounted touch display.
  • Swipe gestures are now supported for individual static assets. For example, turn the humble rectangle into a touchpad for navigation.
  • (Android and iPad) Your IntuiFace experience can now receive both iBeacon™ and EddyStone™ advertisements from any third party beacon. Use the information contained in that advertisement to trigger in-context actions like displaying product information, referring to the visitor by name or stealing credit card information. (Ok, just kidding about credit card theft.)


  • Dramatic performance improvement and crash reduction. On second thought, we'll call these fixes comedic, not dramatic, as they're so good they'll make you smile.
  • 10+ bugs were corrected.




  • Corrected an issue that prevented rendering of Text assets bound to cells in Excel spreadsheets.
  • Pinch-to-zoom for the 3D Asset works again.
  • Carousel collection no longer has a border radius.
  • Position of text within the Button control now respects the "Alignment" property.
  • Web Browser asset is no longer visible if its "Visibility" property is set to false.
  • Web Browser asset is no longer displayed during the “Creating Visuals” loading screen.
  • Image Toggle button now displays assigned images using bindings.
  • Scene "Reload" action is now correctly managed after a previous reload of the scene.
  • Certain experiences are no longer stuck at “Creating Visuals” phase.
  • Player on LG webOS will no longer display blurred images.



  • New: Works with free-to-use IntuiFace Cloud Storage option for published experiences.
  • New: YouTube asset.
  • New: Ability to stop/start data point creation for automatic events.
  • Remote actions are working again.
  • Experiences are now displayed full screen on iPad Pro.
  • Few minor bug fixes.

5.2.5 (all Tablet and Kiosk players except for iOS)


  • Using Management Console, a manual start of Player can now be remotely configured to autolaunch an experience rather than display the Experiences panel.
  • Interaction with multiple fingers works again in all cases on iOS
  • Numerous bug fixes.

5.2.2 (all Tablet and Kiosk players except for iOS)



  • Android device names (appearing in Management Console, License Dashboard, data points collected via data tracking) are now derived from the name specified in the Bluetooth settings for each device. Bluetooth does not need to be turned on for the name to be accessible.
  • Non-alphanumeric characters can now be used in Excel workbook, worksheet and column names


  • Download from FTP storage works again
  • PDFs are now displayed in the sharing queue.
  • "Go to index" action for the Flip Chart collection is now correctly animated.
  • 3D Model asset again supports single finger manipulation and displays proper center of view.
  • Corrected bug affecting Excel formulas including concatenation.

5.2.1 (all Tablet and Kiosk players except for iOS)



  • Data points collected by Player are compressed to reduce data consumption when transferred for analysis


  • Data points cached due to an absent Internet connection will be transferred whenever connection is reestablished, regardless of how many data points are saved locally.
  • The action “Set text” was fixed for the Button, Simple Text and Rich Text assets.

5.2.0 (iOS only)



  • Support for all Data Tracking enhancements introduced in IntuiFace v.5.2.
  • Supports new experience sharing feature, share with public URL.
  • Webcam asset now available for Android and Chrome OS devices.
  • Increased font support, including multiple font family variants if they exist (e.g. narrow, semi-bold, extra-bold, etc.).
  • New splash screen.


  • On Android and Chrome OS, images opened from an Asset Grid collection are now rendered in high quality.
  • Drawing tools now use the style defined in Composer.
  • Carousel is now correctly rendered when the Flat view property is enabled.
  • Images popped out of a Carousel collection are again interactive.



This is the first version available for kiosk.

Fixes for Tablet

  • It is again possible to automate experience deployment using Management Console.
  • It is again possible to use remote actions to control experiences running in Player for Windows.
  • Text Asset Line wrap property is now correctly interpreted.




  • Drawing tools are now available. Limitation: Snapshot function is not yet implemented.
  • Android: It is now possible to manually copy an IntuiFace experience from a PC to an Android device via a USB cable or flash drive. See this article for details.
  • iPad: If using the iOS "guided access” feature with Player, should Player crash it will automatically restart itself and play the last run experience.
  • Increased experience download performance, especially when located outside the EU or using Dropbox or AWS S3 to store published experiences.
  • In case of network hiccups, Player will automatically retry experience download multiple times before generating an error.


  • Maximize action works now as in Player for Windows
  • Several other minor bugs fixed

Licensing Updates

  • New Player for Tablets pack combines Player for iPad and Player for off-the-shelf Android tablets. Use a Tablet license on either platform. Preexisting Player for iPad and Player for Android licenses inherit this benefit.
  • New Player for Kiosks combines our Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSP) support with that for custom Android devices. Use a Kiosk license on either platform.



  • Improved experience download speed: Up to 40% faster for small and mid-sized content. Very large media – e.g. 1GB videos – will still unavoidably take a while.
  • On android: Automated crash recovery. Should Player for Android crash, it will automatically restart and run the last loaded experience.
  • Minor bug fixes and corrected crash conditions



  • Fix various minor bugs



  • Fixed issue on drag and drop inertia
  • Other minor bug fixes



  • Brand new gaming-influenced architecture resulting in significantly enhanced performance and reliability. Our tests show orders of magnitude improvement!
  • Lots of bug fixes.




  • Adds a confirmation popup for logout
  • Enhances shake detection for attempts to quit an experience
  • Improves time and sound sliders for the Video asset


  • Fixes "Tap item to open" animation for all collections
  • Eliminates graphic artifact when a Document asset with a Book style is page turned from right to left
  • Download popup message is now closed when an Internet connection is lost mid-download
  • Free Edition experiences stored on FTPS servers can now be read
  • Multi-finger interaction with a Carousel now works
  • Corrects ability to use a Video asset embedded in a FlipChart collection
  • "Scroll to an asset" action now works for all ordered collections when the asset name is accessed via binding
  • Supports "=" operator for comparisons in Excel formulas
  • FTPS storage connector performances have been enhanced (android only)




  • Minor bug fixes



New Features

  • Value converters (transform values passed from one item to another via binding)
  • Customizable project styles
  • 3D model support
  • Updated Excel support
  • Tablet orientation triggers
  • Updated to Twitter feed, including support for image-based tweets
  • Support for REST/XML and REST/JSON for custom interface assets
  • Ability to restrict asset and collection movement to a single-axis
  • "Has been active” trigger for on-screen touches within a time limit


  • Major stability improvements, including multiple memory leak corrections
  • Long list of annoying bugs




  • Download experiences hosted on FTP servers (support FTP over ssl) works now for Android Tablets


  • "Update cell" works again for Excel interface asset
  • "Change content" action works for the Video and Document assets
  • All Video asset triggers can now be raised
  • Hidden Video asset retains interactivity after becoming visible
  • "Has been entered" trigger works for a Space
  • Preview Mode no longer forces a one hour time out when experiences are updated
  • Improved support for interface asset data templates (.ifd files)
  • Sharing queue used by all asset sharing interface assets works again
  • URL-referenced images used by Image assets are no longer cached, ensuring detection of content updates- Remote actions can now be sent to Player for Windows
  • Corrected action parameter binding and nested object monitoring for Javascript-based interface assets




  • New “Stop” action for videos.
  • Download experiences hosted on FTP servers (support FTP over ssl) works now for iPad


  • PDFs in a collection with an Open Item action associated with a resize ratio greater than 1 is fixed
  • Video poster frame (time or image) is no longer reverted to its initial state when Rewind action is called
  • “Reached time” trigger of a Video now works
  • Maximizing a Video to full screen and then unmaximizing it will no longer cause the video to pause
  • Videos in a collection can now be opened using the "Tap item to open" action
  • Fixed crash affecting image optimization
  • Triggers with actions whose parameters are bound to an asset in a non-loaded space asset now work
  • “Change image” action now works
  • Other small corrections




  • Fixed issues affecting z-order (i.e. affecting placement of items along the z-axis)
  • Fixed crashes due to manipulation of large images




  • Fixed image optimization processing
  • Fixed "Resize ratio for opened item" property for nested collections
  • Fixed infinite experience loading on Player for Android
  • Fixed animated "Show" and "Hide" actions




  • Corrected crash linked to space-to-space transition effects
  • Fixed text alignment regression
  • Eliminated delay in recognition of Tapped trigger
  • Visibility of audio controls are improved




  • The player now works on Android tablets, staring with Android Version 4.3
  • Supports hands-free experience deployment and execution via Management Console
  • Supports Excel interface asset
  • Improves interaction and rendering for collections within collections
  • Supports folder-based collections
  • Displays ghost assets inside empty indexed collections
  • Introduces a new HTML5 Sandbox asset permitting freeform entry and execution of HTML
  • For the Map collection
    • Adds latitude and longitude coordinates to Tap and Double Tap triggers
    • Adds “Set coordinates” action


  • Improves image rendering on iOS 8
  • Web Browser correctly displays all supported sites and can respond to the OpenURL action
  • Corrects inability to show portrait-oriented experiences on the iPad mini and iPad Air
  • Fixes long list of minor bugs




  • Support iOS 8
  • Use an external image as a poster frame for the Video asset
  • Improved memory management
  • Improved font rendering


  • Fixed 'Previous' and 'Next' actions for a single tap on the Flip Chart collection
  • Fixed scroll interaction with the Document asset
  • Eliminated cropping of the Rich Text asset
  • Corrected filters in the Experiences panel
  • Fixed 'Animated move to' action
  • Corrected crash of the Map collection
  • Improved rendering of the Close button for the Document asset in Book mode
  • Improved consistency of Interface Asset trigger timing and property updates




  • Improve « drag to open item » feature for collections
  • Fix image buttons rendering
  • Improve inactivity trigger on assets and collections
  • Assorted small, low level updates that will improve playback




  • Supports continuous scrolling for horizontal and vertical scroll styles of the Document asset.


  • Improved use of fonts for Simple & Rich Text assets.
  • Corrects left and right swipe gestures for the Flip Chart collection.
  • Improves reliability of experience downloads from Dropbox.
  • Assorted small, low level updates that will improve playback performance.




  • Includes all new features introduced by IntuiFace 4.6: Drag-and-drop support, embedded fonts, new visual effects, pre-built JavaScript-based interface assets, and much more
  • Map Collection: Interactive map with configurable points of interest
  • Slide Show Collection: Uses the "Ken Burns effect" to display a series of images
  • Updated Document Asset: Now includes the Book format
  • Speed improvement: Faster Experiences panel


  • Various corrections
    • Image Button alignment when in an Asset Flow or Asset Grid
    • Remote actions directed toward Player for Windows
    • “Reload” action for a Space
    • Email with attachments
    • Default alignment for the Simple Text asset
    • Alignment of an ellipse with its border
  • "Create asset" action now places items in the foreground
  • "Go to space" action referencing the current space no longer freezes Player




  • Use optimized images to reduce memory footprint
  • Use poster for Video assets to eliminate video load prior to play
  • New look for "Connect to a Composer in Play Mode" popup


  • Correction of various crashes and bugs impacting the Experiences panel
  • Improved support for JavaScript-based Interface Assets



See Release Notes for IntuiFace Version 4.5. All new features and updates found there apply here as well.





  • in some cases an experience in portrait mode (648x1024) was not displayed full screen. Fixed
  • carousel : when tapping to output an asset out the carousel, the asset appears now in top of the opened item
  • it was not possible to play videos if they were hidden when starting the video. Fixed.
  • several crash conditions have been fixed




  • carousel : when dragging&dropping and asset out the carousel, the asset appears now in top of the opened item
  • when maximizing an asset, its control buttons are no more scaled
  • pdf documents memory leak was fixed
  • pdf document control buttons disappeared and gestures to navigate in the document did not work. Fixed.
  • text alignment for toggle buttons works now correctly when the toggle button is too narrow.
  • some experience download may block. Fixed.