Player for Kiosks on Samsung SSP - Quick Start


    This article will explain how to run IntuiFace Player for Kiosks on the Samsung SMART Signage Platform. Once Player is running, the user experience is identical to that of Player on all other supported platforms. If you are already familiar with how to use Player on those platforms then you can go from a published IntuiFace experience to running it on the SSSP in seconds. If you are new to IntuiFace, hang in there - it's easy!

    As the only multi-touch option for the Samsung SSP, IntuiFace is an innovation for a display platform that has only recently adopted touch capability. We have worked - and are working - hard with Samsung to not only refine our support but to improve the SSSP itself. We ask that you bring us into your evaluation process early so you can benefit from our knowledge and insight. We are here to help you get the most out of your investment in the SSP. Contact us using this page.

    Supported Hardware

    IntuiFace & Samsung SSP Tizen P-Series

    IntuiFace Player for Kiosks on the SSSP requires use of the P Series family of devices - aka SSSP4 - aka Tizen. The SSSP4 was the first to introduce the Tizen-based operating system. We also recommend installation of the latest firmware available for download from your Samsung reseller or Samsung support team.

    Important Note

    • IntuiFace Version 5.7 and above do not support SSSP3 devices (D or E series).
      • SSSP3 devices can only use versions of IntuiFace inferior to 5.7 click here for the available download links
    • IntuiFace Version 5.7 and above only supports SSSP4 devices (aka Tizen)
    • IntuiFace Player has been tested on the PM32F and PM55F devices


    1. Use of IntuiFace Player for Kiosks on Samsung SSP assumes you have an IntuiFace account. Need one? Click here to register.
      • A paid license is not required for either Composer or Player. However, if either is used as a Free Edition, IntuiFace experiences will be watermarked with the IntuiFace logo.
    2. Become familiar with the current solution limitations. Some are due to IntuiFace, others to the SSSP. All will be addressed over time.

    Installing Player

    1. Power up the SSP and configure it if necessary.
    2. If you haven't done so already, choose the URL Launcher option,

    3. On the URL Launcher menu, select Install Web App option.

    4. Enter the URL for Player then click the "Done" button

      • Each version of Player supporting the Samsung SSP has its own unique URL.
      • In the image below, we are using URL to always load the latest version of IntuiFace Player for Kiosks.
      • For a Mouse enabled version of the Player, you can use URL to always load the latest version of IntuiFace Player for Kiosks with mouse pointer enabled.

      • To load a specific version of a Player, see this page
    5. Once the "OK" button is pressed, installation of IntuIFace Player will start!TizenInstallWebApp.jpg

    6. Player should now load. Activate a license by either

      • Logging into Player using your IntuiFace account credentials. If you have paid Player for Samsung SSP licenses, one will be checked out for use on this particular SSP device.
      • Entering a license key into the "Email Address" field, leaving the "Password" field blank and clicking the "Connect" button. The specified license will be retrieved and activated. Each license key is associated with a specific IntuiFace account and it is to the experiences of this account that Player will have direct access.
    7. Player's Experiences panel should appear. Select an experience to download and run it.


    Running Player after the initial install

    Every time you restart the SSP, if IntuiFace Player was the last URL loaded by the URL Launcher, just select the IntuiFace Player icon to start Player.


    Making experiences available for download

    The experiences listed in the IntuiFace Experiences panel are found by Player because they were either:

    1. published by someone using Composer under the same IntuiFace account used to run Player
    2. shared with the IntuiFace account used to run Player

    The former are listed on the My Experiences tab of Player's Experiences panel. The latter are listed on the Shared With Me tab of Player's Experiences panel.

    A third tab in the Experiences panel - named Samples - references a variety of sample experiences you can download to try out Player on the Samsung SSP.