Discontinuation of Dropbox support

On 25-October-2016, IntuiLab prevented the use of Dropbox by new IntuiFace accounts as a cloud storage option for publishing, sharing and deploying IntuiFace experiences.

For existing users of Dropbox, Dropbox support will end on 28-June-2017, meaning on that date all published experiences stored on Dropbox will no longer be accessible within IntuiFace.

To perpare for the transition to an alternative storage option:

  1. Beginning immediately, store all new IntuiFace projects in an alternative cloud storage option. To do so, change the default storage option for your IntuiFace account.
  2. As soon as your deployment schedule allows, migrate your existing projects to IntuiFace Cloud Storage by following the steps in the article How to migrate from Dropbox to IntuiFace Cloud Storage. (The migration steps would be similar if using your own Amazon S3 bucket or ftp site.)

Why consider using IntuiFace Cloud Storage? It is free and - because, under the covers, it runs in the Amazon S3 cloud - it is highly scalable. For more about IntuiFace Cloud Storage, see this article.

If you have any questions, please contact Support at http://support.intuilab.com.