Posting Experiences to Apple App Store and Google Play

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    IntuiLab offers the "post-to-store" service option. Give us your IntuiFace experience, we package it up as a self-running application and then help you post it to the Apple® App Store℠ and/or Google Play™. This posting :

    • has no IntuiFace branding
    • does not require separate installation of IntuiFace Player, the IntuiFace runtime
    • can be accessed by anyone with an iTunes® or Google Play account.

    NOTE: This service is only available to Enterprise-level IntuiFace accounts who possess at least one annual Player for Tablets or Player for Kiosks license. It is not available to Composer Free/Composer Essential/Composer Premier accounts or to Composer Enterprise accounts possessing only month-to-month Players.

    Submitting a Request

    The process for posting an IntuiFace experience into an app store is as follows:

    1. If it doesn't yet exist, the IntuiFace user (aka the "Requester") creates their own developer account for the targeted store, paying the associated membership fee.
    2. Requester submits a formal service request via the Post-to-Store page on the My IntuiFace website.
    3. In no more than two business days, IntuiFace Support will send the Requester an email containing:
      • A list of additional publication materials (e.g. graphic media, application description, etc.) the Requester must provide
      • Instructions for wiring funds to pay for the Post-to-Store service (see here for pricing)
    4. Upon receipt of payment and additional information, IntuiLab will create a package for posting.
    5. The application is then either:
      • posted to the public Apple App Store: IntuiLab submits the package for the Requester. The Apple approval process can take up to 10 business days. NB: The Requester must previously provide IntuiLab valid credentials for their developer account. IntuiLab will use the Requester's developer account to publish the app.
      • send to the Requester for private Apple App Store. NB: The Requester must previously provide IntuiLab valid credentials for their Apple Developer Enterprise account, IntuiLab will use the Requester's Developer Enterprise account to get some information required to build the App.
      • For Google Play: IntuiLab provides the Requester with an apk file. The Requester then submits the app for publication. There is no Google approval process so online availability could be immediate.
        • The final apk can be hosted on your own server with a direct download link for each of your customers, or it can be installed on your devices without the need of publishing it to Google Play store.

    Apple and Google Submission Guidelines

    Make sure you become acquainted with the appropriate app submission guidelines to ensure your experience is not rejected by Apple or Google. IntuiLab will not inspect submitted experiences for violations.


    See the Post-to-Store page on My IntuiFace for pricing and registering. Our goal has been to keep costs to an absolute minimum. The following list represents this service's line items:

    • First submission and one resubmission if rejection is caused by Requester error: $199 (for US/Can customers), 199€ (for everyone else)
    • Each additional resubmission for rejections caused by Requester error: $29€
    • Each subsequent update for already posted apps: $49€

    IntuiFace created applications

    The following applications can be downloaded as example of how your application will present when published: