Remote deployment of an experience


    IntuiFace Management Console enables the deployment of any published experience to any Player, located anywhere in the world, on any supported operating system, possessed by the experience owner. With a simple drag-and-drop gesture in your Web browser, any Internet-accessible device running IntuiFace Player will download and then play your work.

    For information about how to publish an experience, see this article.

    NOTE: Deployment automation is a feature exclusive to those with at least one active Composer Enterprise license. Free and Pro Edition users can publish and share (by account or by URL) their experiences but can only deploy manually. For information about manual experience deployment, see this article.

    Deploying an Experience

    To deploy an experience, you must first prepare the target device. On each device:

    1. Install IntuiFace Player.
    2. Player for Windows only: Run the Configuration Tool to open port 8000. This port is used for communication between Player and Management Console. There is no need to run Player itself.
    3. All other Player platforms: Run Player.

    Now open Management Console in any Web browser and specify whether you just want to copy an experience to the remote device for future use or if you want to both copy and then play the experience. Select your preference in the box titled Select your deployment mode.


    Then drag-and-drop an experience from the upper Experiences section of Management Console - where all of your published experiences are listed - onto a device referenced in the lower Connected Devices panel. For multi-device deployment, drag it to the left-hand All Devices icon or - if tags were entered - Filtered Devices icon.


    If the drag-and-dropped experience was not previously copied to the remote device, deployment could take some time as you wait for the copy action to complete. If the experience was already deployed once before, a differential download will only copy the changes, speeding up the deployment process significantly.

    Experiences deployed to a Windows PC - whether using Management Console or downloaded manually via Player - are saved in the folder: C:\Users\Public\IntuiFace. The folder name for your project will be a mix of letters and numbers, not the actual name of the project - e.g. 1-3f08d610-630a.

    NOTE: If you don't see your device in Management Console's Connected Devices list, refer to this article

    Auto-Play Experiences After Crash Or Reboot On Windows PCs

    On Windows devices, there are two circumstances under which Player will automatically restart itself and play the last run experience.

    1. Player crashes
      If Player crashes, it will attempt to auto-recover itself. If successful, it will automatically open and run the experience it had in memory at the time of the crash.
    2. Windows Device Reboot
      If the Windows PC is rebooted - e.g. to recover from a PC crash - Player has the ability to auto-start itself after PC reboot and login, then play the last run experience. This ability is turned on via Management Console and is described in detail here.