Release Notes: Composer and Player for Windows

This page includes the release notes for IntuiFace Composer and Player for Windows. You may also have a look at Known Limitations or at release notes for IntuiFace Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosks - Android.

Current version is v.6.1.6, released 21-Feb-2017.




  • Web Browser Asset – on Windows PCs and Android devices - can now use the webcam if the displayed webpage requires it. Say cheese!
  • Analytics collected by the data tracking feature are now sent to the IntuiFace Data Tracking Hub even if your firewall blocks SSL3.0, TLS1.0 or TLS1.1. IntuiFace now uses TLS1.2, the latest and most secure communication protocol. It also uses TLC – tender loving care. But that’s a very old feature.
  • 6 additional minor enhancements


  • Image Asset’s “Fill” behavior is correctly applied when changing the image source, via binding or an action, from/to a URL.
  • When re-entering a scene containing a shape with the Shadow property enabled, most elements in the scene were not being rendered. This is just no good so we fixed it.
  • 5 crash conditions were corrected




  • For ENTERPRISE customers: A new Device ID generation algorithm will ensure cloned PCs are assigned unique names in the Share and Deploy Console. No clone discrimination!


  • Improved rendering of tables in the HTML Asset on Windows, matching rendering quality in Player on all other supported platforms
  • Corrected rendering issue in the Web Browser Asset caused by certificate issues that prevented the loading of some HTML/CSS pages. If you are currently using Player Version 6.1.X on Windows, we strongly suggest you upgrade those Players to Version 6.1.5. If you don’t know what certificates are, join the club! I just write Release Notes.
  • Fixed 3 additional minors issues affecting the Web Browser Asset (of which two involve the virtual keyboard). The fixes are real though, not virtual.
  • Eliminated 8 other minor bugs and usability issues
  • Cleaned up 3 crash conditions



This version was not released publicly.

  • For ENTERPRISE customers: A new Device ID generation algorithm will ensure cloned PCs are assigned unique names in the Share and Deploy Console.




  • Corrected restriction that prevented Composer and Player for Windows Version 6.1 from starting on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs that are missing recent Microsoft updates. That’s right, IntuiFace no longer feels remorse when updates are missing!
  • Double-clicking an ifx file will now load a recovery file if one is available. Recovery files are important if your last use of Composer resulted in a crash.
  • Snapshots taken by the drawing tool or by the "Take snapshot" action of assets and collections are now the proper size when a Windows PC display's scale setting is different from 100%.
  • 11 minor bugs were fixed.
  • 19 - yes, 19! - edge case crash conditions were eliminated.
  • 13 small usability enhancements have been added to soften the blow





  • A remaining glitch from the Windows 10 patch debacle that required us to release Version 6.1.1 is now corrected.
  • When waking a PC from sleep or hibernation, the VLC version of the Video Asset will resume playback successfully. (The WMV version of the Video Asset will still fail to run after waking from sleep/hibernation.)
  • Corrected 3 minor usability issues
  • Eliminated 7 crash conditions, mostly related to a minimized Composer crashing when display settings (ratio, resolution, etc.) were changed.




  • For Windows 10 users, touch and gestures behave correctly again and a crash condition was eliminated. A nasty Windows 10 patch from Microsoft, whose deployment started November 14th, was seriously altering the way touch events were managed by IntuiFace Player for Windows. This might have led to erratic touch-related behaviors in the IntuiFace experience being played and, sometimes, resulted in a crash.

If you have Player for Windows running on Windows 10, please upgrade it from Version 5.7.x to 5.7.7, or from 6.0.x to 6.0.8, or from 6.1.0 to 6.1.1.




  • Major update to Web Browser Asset on Windows
    • Jumps embedded Web rendering engine to Chrome 55, enabling support of the latest in HTML5, JavaScript and WebGL. You guys know Chrome 55. Yeah, that was a great version....
    • Takes advantage of GPU acceleration to achieve 3D Model and video performance parity with the stand-alone Chrome browser. Our goal: eliminating calls into support saying "But it's faster in Chrome!"
    • Built-in touch management improves gesture recognition and eliminates needs for the old "Interaction Mode" property. You will NOT miss this property.
    • Natively supports audio (MP3, AAC) and video (H.264, MPEG-4) codecs. All videos should work now in the Web Browser Asset.
    • More than 15 existing Web browser issues were also solved. We're mentioning this in the Enhancements section to make it look like there haven't been any bugs.
  • Overhaul of 3D Model Asset across all Player platforms
    • We've started over with a brand new 3D engine, using developer favorite three.js. Not a developer? If you were, you'd love three.js. Great personality.
    • Orders of magnitude increase in facet count support with better performance than in earlier releases of IntuiFace. We've increased our recommended facet limit per scene from 10k to 200k+
    • Added new properties for auto-rotation, the addition of camera constraints, and selection between camera rotation and pan modes.
    • Supports all popular 3D model formats and quite a few more niche formats. You and your niche formats. What makes you so special?
    • More than 5 existing 3D Model Asset issues were solved too. Ditto as with the Web Browser asset -> hiding bug fixes in the Enhancements section.
  • New HTML Asset for all Player platforms
    • Display CSS-enabled HTML content directly within IntuiFace, no Web Browser required. This is your back door to adding capability where IntuiFace lacks it.
    • Incorporate any Web component simply by pasting its embed code. Everything from YouTube and Google Calendar to Facebook and user-developed collections. You hear that? That's the sound of crazy yhappy applause. Really. We've had a bunch of customers ask for this.
    • Also acts as a powerful alternative to the Rich Text Asset for displaying HTML-formatted text.
    • Incorporated within API Explorer to improve the representation of HTML-formatted content. API Explorer just gets better and better.
  • Enhanced drawing tools on Windows
    • New eraser options: three spot erasers, total line erase and erase all
    • Ability to undo each drawn line, one line at a time backwards into history
    • The ability to draw backwards ... ok, just kidding. Not even sure what that means.
  • Additional improvements
    • Accelerated project open and project save times, especially when using the Excel Interface Asset with a multi-tabbed spreadsheet. Our customers are getting more advanced so we have to adapt.
    • New triggers for the System Information Interface Asset indicating when a device goes online or offline. This has been a super popular request because it enables your experience to react to the loss of an Internet connection and do something about it.
    • New Map Collection properties to constrain navigation with a particular geographic area.
    • New Composer and enhanced Player Settings panels
    • New variant of Player for Tablets on Android - a protected Player - that hides all soft buttons. Think of it as a semi-kiosk mode. We have no way of disabling hardware buttons but you can purchase Android devices without physical buttons - or enclosures that cover buttons - to do that.


  • The snapshot for published experiences in the Share and Deploy console are now consistently accurate. How that picture of Geoff Bessin get in there?
  • Ability for secondary accounts to automatically check out Composer licenses owned by their primary account now correctly works with Premier-level primary accounts, not just Enterprise-level
  • When canceling a publish activity and then restarting the publish process, the error 6405 will no longer occur. But really, this error is your fault because, I mean, make up your mind!
  • Fixed heavy CPU use by Composer and Player for Windows when disconnecting the PC the from the network
  • 6 other minor issues and 5 crash conditions were corrected




  • Touch and gesture behave correctly again on Windows 10. A nasty Windows 10 patch from Microsoft, whose deployment has started November 14th, was seriously altering the way touch events were managed by IntuiFace Player for Windows. This might have led to erratic touch-related behaviors in the IntuiFace Experience being played.

If you have Players on Windows 10, please upgrade your Players 6.0.x to 6.0.8. This will fix a nasty touch and gesture issue leading to erratic touch-related behaviors in the IntuiFace Experience being played.




  • Players with a paid license no longer display the Marketplace tab. This is to ensure that anyone hands-on with a paid Player would only be able to access, download and run the experiences you want them to see.


  • Adobe Acrobat (pdf) and Microsoft Word (doc) files now properly load in Composer and Player for Windows on FIPS-140 compliant PCs. Don't know what FIPS-140 is? Great, that means you never came across this bug.
  • When an experience is deployed (or restarted) via the Share and Deploy Console, Player for Windows no longer cowers behind the Windows taskbar. Get a backbone, we said!
  • In edge cases involving experiences containing conditional triggers, the edited experience could not be saved. Not good. We fixed it.
  • 6 additional bugs were corrected
  • 7 crash conditions were also eliminated. All were related to modifying a Windows PC display - changing its resolution, turning it off then on, changing the scale of text & apps - while Composer or Player for Windows was running. A big tak (that's "thank you" in Danish) to user Økolariet who helped us track down the cause.

NOTE We have end-of-lifed our support for Dropbox as a cloud storage option for published experiences. You can read about it here. We continue to offer free IntuiFace Cloud Storage as well as permit you to use your own Amazon S3 bucket or FTP/S site.




  • To protect you from yourself, helpful warning messages are now displayed when attempting to import poorly-formed Excel spreadsheets (e.g. using absolute file paths to reference media; using relative file paths but not including the referenced media in the import).


  • We've overcome a Windows bug that caused Player for Windows to launch an experience twice when using your finger to select an experience in the Experiences panel. Now that we've spent time to work around the bug, expect Microsoft to fix it!
  • Eliminated a Composer crash related to the editing of conditional triggers.
  • We've thrown in a few other minor bug and usability issue corrections. This includes a security fix so that licensed Player for Windows can't be used to log into Management Console.




  • Two memory leaks were eliminated. These things are the worst. We hate them as much as you.
    • When changing the current scene with the action "Go to scene”.
    • When switching between Composer's Edit Mode and Play Mode - or restarting Player - for an experience containing Toggle Buttons sets
  • "Go to scene" action had stopped working when no transition animation is applied. That's ridiculous so we got it working again.
  • Accented characters perviously missing from the IntuiFace onscreen keyboard - Áá Éé Íí Óó Úú Ćć Ńń - can now be entered by typing ‘ before the corresponding letter. Sórry!
  • Player for Windows will no longer bother you with a crash report window. Not that it ever crashes. But if it did, and we're not saying it does, and you wanted to see the crash report, we've also given you a way to turn it on.
  • Image buttons would fail to display an image if their text value was assigned a font whose copyright prevented IntuiFace's ability to embed it in an experience. Now we find an acceptable, installed font alternative to ensure the image is displayed. Why show an image and text at the same time in the same button? A good question, says this writer of the release notes. But we permit it so there shouldn't be any problems.
  • We've corrected an issue involving experience deletion when the corresponding project's .ifx file was moved out of its typical folder. The result was accidental deletion of non-project files. We're only telling you this to be complete because, really, leave the project file structure alone!
  • Some crash conditions were eliminated. These are all edge cases (i.e. super rare) so we hate them too but most of you wouldn't have seen them anyway.
    • Player no longer freezes if you frequently, quickly navigate from one scene to another without transition animation. What's the hurry?
    • The use of experience layer triggers involving a deleted scene caused a crash and project file corruption. It was a mess and now it's fixed.
    • 4 other crash conditions were corrected. They're just too far in the weeds to describe so just rest easy in the knowledge that the product has gotten better.




  • Import From Powerpoint is working again
  • When a file is missing, Player and Composer will display the path used to located it
  • 11 other minor usability enhancements


  • Is dropped on trigger now fires for items dragged directly from a collection onto a drop zone
  • 3 minor bugs were fixed
  • 6 crash conditions eliminated




  • The startup scene is now displayed when opening an experience in Composer.
  • It is now possible to publish an experience with an Excel interface asset pointing to an Excel spreadsheet that references .svg and .stl files
  • 7 minor Composer usability enhancements.


  • IntuiPad remote control is working again.
  • Images are now correctly refreshed after successive Excel filtering.
  • 3 minor bugs and 8 crash conditions were corrected, including Composer crashes related to Excel interface asset bindings.




  • Corrects a Player installation issue specific to PCs running Windows 10 Creators Update - aka Windows 10 Version 1703. Player will now appear in the Share and Deploy console.
  • Corrects edge case specific to the Web Browser asset





  • 5 minor issues corrected
  • 6 crash conditions eliminated




  • The autoupdate feature will not permit you to jump from the 32-bit version of Composer or Player for Windows to the 64-bit version. If you have Composer or Player for Windows Version 5.x on your PC you may want to install the 64-bit version.
  • To remotely update Player to Version 6.0 using the Share and Deploy console, it must first be updated to either Version 5.7.5 or Version 5.7.6. It is not possible to remotely upgrade Player to Version 6.0 if starting at Version 5.7.4 or earlier.

New Features

  • Experience layers, experience triggers and experience background: No, we didn't mean lions, tigers and bears. We're talking about some of the most frequently requested features for IntuiFace. The wait is over!
  • API Explorer: Create dynamic connections to any REST-based Web Service without writing a line of code. Wait! You don't think this applies to you? There are tens of thousands of APIs out there waiting to give you their amazing content for free, plus your company probably has its own digitized archives and/or content management systems. This thing is a game changer.
  • X-Ray: A quick and simple view of all properties, triggers and actions for any interface asset. They can't hide from us now!
  • Design assistant: Combines a machine learning engine that anticipates optimal designs for collections with quick-change dialog to swap collection styles.
  • Simplified external triggering: We've made it much easier for any device outside of IntuiFace to let a running experience know when something important has happened.
  • Shared licensing, packaging and pricing: It's been five years so it's time. Biggest news of all might be that all subscription licenses now support unlimited transfers. Large teams may need only a small number of licenses.


  • Composer and Player for Windows are with a 64-bit architecture. This update should just about eliminate memory issues and could help performance. Plus who doesn't like more bits?
  • Completely revised Share and Deploy console. Every Management Console did but better, faster and with more features.
  • Lots of performance optimization in both Composer and Player thanks to smart people beating up on weak code.
  • Max size for multi-screen experiences is now 20k x 20k pixels. Show off.
  • The Phidgets RFID interface asset now ships with Composer. No, we don't mean those spinners kids are using to annoy their teachers. It's the other kind.
  • All Composer messages and popups were given a facelift. Stylish. Dare we say, sexier.
  • Brand new Composer and Player for Windows installer.
  • Web Browser asset has a new property to force the display of scrollbars. For a small number of websites, this is necessary to make them work.


  • Composer and Player for Windows no longer get stuck in some annoying loop if you lock and then unlock your Windows session.
  • 6 undo/redo issues were fixed. Sounds minor until this issues affect you!
  • 20+ minor bugs and usability issues corrected.
  • 6 Composer crashes conditions eliminated. NOTE: Most are only solved in the 64-bit version. We needed those bits!


  • Player support for LG webOS has been discontinued. If you are running Player on webOS then you must stay with IntuiFace Version 5.x. Do not upgrade either Composer or Player to Version 6.
  • Our out-of-the-box support for RFID tags are only available in the 32-bit version of Composer and Player for Windows. Take a look at our super-simple external triggering mechanism instead.
  • The legacy Web rendering engine - Awesomium - was removed. In some rare cases, this may introduce behavior or rendering differences so if you used the "legacy" option, check your website.
  • Visual tags are no longer supported. Don't worry, you weren't using this feature.
  • Reminder: Dropbox support will be eliminated as an experience publishing option on 28-June. For details, see this article.

Versions before 6.0

Releases notes of version before 6.0 are available at Releases Notes Archive: IntuiFace Version 5.x