Release Notes: Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosks

This page includes all IntuiFace Player for Tablets (iPad and Android) and IntuiFace Player for Kiosks (Android, ChromeOS and Samsung SSP) release notes starting with Version 6.0.0. See also Release notes for Version 5.x.

All known Limitations can be found here.

Release notes for IntuiFace Composer and Player for Windows can be found here.

Current version is v.6.0.5, released 17-August-2017.



  • Webcam asset is functional again (Android only)
  • Buttons and links are now functional in the Web Browser asset
  • Fixed various excel formula and filtering related issues
  • Video/YouTube-Video with “autoplay” behavior enabled will no longer play when hidden or if the containing collection is hidden;
  • Fixed an issue preventing the manipulation of a Scroll Collection after a hide/show action;
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Drag and Drop triggers from firing correctly after a scene to scene navigation.



  • When a file is missing, Player will display the path used to located it
  • Support download of content from FTP-based storage that does not support MLST
  • iPad: Launching Player when iPad is oriented in portrait mode now works
  • ChromeOS: Corrected experience loading issues when the experience uses Excel formulas and date data
  • Tizen: Downloading experiences containing media files bigger than approximately 50MB now works.



  • Player can now access to the camera (from within a HTML greybox)

6.0.3 (Android only)


  • Better tiering definition for Kiosks/Tablets licenses
  • Minor bug fixes



  • Added support for Android 7
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Tizen Player correctly displays the Login screen on Portrait oriented displays

6.0.1 (Samsung SSP4 Tizen only)




  • Supports the introduction of experience layers and experience triggers
  • Fixes a variety of minor issue