On-screen Gestures


    IntuiFace's support for on-screen gestures enables you to use specific finger movements on a touch display to trigger actions.

    These gesture triggers are associated with either the experience as a whole, an individual scene itself or a static asset. That is, the gesture is captured if it is initiated in the experience, a scene or a static asset that has been associated with the corresponding trigger.

    The list of supported gestures varies by platform:

    • Player for Windows: IntuiFace supports 25 different gestures grouped into 5 categories, each of which can be used to trigger one or more actions. The list of gestures is here.
    • Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosks: IntuiFace supports the gestures Swipe Up/Down and Swipe Left/Right, each of which can be used to trigger one or more actions. You can see these four gestures listed here.

    A common example would be to use the swipe left / right triggers to call the next / previous navigation action.


    In the context of design for accessibility, performing gestures on static assets will enable you to capture large, gross motor gestures for every individual, static item in a running experience. For example, create an on-screen trackpad for navigation. Or trigger text-to-speech without requiring perfect touch precision.


    Supported Gestures


    • Horizontal-return.png Horizontal return
    • Horizontal-sawtooth.png Horizontal sawtooth
    • down.png Swipe down
    • left.png Swipe left
    • right.png Swipe right
    • top.png Swipe up
    • Vertical-return.png Vertical return
    • Vertical-sawtooth.png Vertical sawtooth


    • Alpha.png Alpha sign
    • Gamma.png Gamma sign
    • L-sign.png L sign
    • M-sign.png M sign
    • S-sign.png S sign
    • V-sign.png V sign
    • W-sign.png W sign
    • Z-sign.png Z sign

    Multitouch Gestures

    • Grap.png Grab
    • UnGrap.png Ungrab


    • Circle.png Circle
    • Loops.png Loops
    • Rectangle.png Rectangle
    • Triangle.png Triangle


    • Caret.png Caret
    • Greater-than..png Greater than
    • Less-than.png Less than